It is 2018. American cities are under strict quarantine and nearly 30% of the population is infected with Xavier Hemorrhagic Flu (XHF). The international community has closed its borders to the United States, people disappear after suspicious Tweets and reality TV continues to dominate the air.

Fi Ocampos is a writer for an independent news site. She breaks the story of two men who are caught contaminating Pittsburgh’s water supply with medicine meant to halt XHF’s brain deteriorating symptoms. The Internet erupts in debate. Some condemn the men as terrorists, others praise them as martyrs for the XHF cause.

Fi’s investigation of the two men leads her to a small commune in rural Pennsylvania, where she must face her past and secure her future. Fi must find the surprising truth behind the contamination and discover the cost of making what’s invisible visible.


Ash Huang has lived a dual life as a successful designer in Silicon Valley and a bibliophile. As a designer, she's done work for companies like Pinterest, Twitter and Dropbox. As a writer, she's been featured in Fast Company, Offscreen Magazine and Lean Out. Her first novel, The Firesteel, won First Place for Literary Fiction in the 3rd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published e-book Awards.

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I wrote Suspension to peer through the door of “together we stand, divided we fall,” because I suspect that divided, we do not fall. There would be no crash, no satisfying bonfire to send off the United States of America. So much of our stability depends on invisible things, and so much is taken away. Divided, we dissolve, stitched together by isolated, frequent acts of benevolence. Read about how Suspension was created on Medium.

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